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Adi K Irani Audio Libraries

The Archive will gradually upload Adi K Irani Audios from our audio asset inventories. The audios will be in two packages. The first instance will be a raw unedited audio; the second instance will be an edited version. The edited version we used advance audio tool from Adobe Audition CS6 to remove, if possible, the tape hiss, the recorder noise, the room ambiance, and other noise artifact.

If recordings were done using professional reel to reel decks the restoration process would be uncomplicated. Because most advent audio collections were done using portable cassette tape recorders the quality is substantially reduced. Thus with every cleaning sweep to remove the accumulate of noise artifact all areas of the audio are altered including the voice.

For those wishing to download the raw edits to contribute to creating a better edit please do so.

These audio library links once clicked upon should open the audio asset into one's digital player.

Later we will identify the original asset, its source origin, and any notes that were written upon the cassette tape. Another concept to understand is that cassettes tapes that are decades old most have degraded, the plastic elements may have broken, and all manner of nuisance that comes with this Advent work.

First Installments with links.

Adi K Part 2 July 1977 Raw

Adi K Part 2 July 1977 Edit

Adi K Irani Part One July 26 Raw

Adi K Irani Part One July 26 Edit

Adi K Irani Part Two July 26 Raw

Adi K Irani Part Two July 26 Edit

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